At GCE we create the courses according to the particular needs of each client and offer support throughout the learning process, working in face-to-face and/or online format.

Our aim is to achieve a cultural change in organizations, in people's attitudes, and the improvement of participants' skills, always with the maximum guarantee of success.

To this end, we get involved in the project by constantly transmitting illusion and confidence. Because we are the first ones to believe in what we do and in the achievement of the purposes we set ourselves.

escacs peo


estrategia per empreses lema

In formation our objectives are:

  • To transmit knowledge.
  • To inspire participants and provoke change in attitudes.
  • To train their skills, helping them to grow personally and professionally.
  • To create the basis for applying what we have learned in our training on a daily basis.

When what is learned becomes a habit, real change will be achieved and consolidated.


Our success is based, above all, on five key points:

  • The adaptation of the training plan to the real needs of the company.
  • The profile of the trainers, with higher degrees, MBAs and more than 15 years in management positions.
  • The great capacity for integration of the teachers into the company.
  • We understand people in their broad, professional and private concept, applying what they have learned to all aspects of life.
  • Our communication skills which together with the messages we develop inspire, reflect and motivate people to change their attitudes.

And we provide a TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE to our clients, through the establishment of indicators that measure our contribution.




We draw up a training plan that is completely adjusted to the needs detected by setting:

  • The duration: continued or spaced in time (to collect experiences and readapt the contents).
  • The number of participants.
  • The main messages.
  • The type of exercises: teamwork, application of the case method, roll-play, recordings with coaching, presentations…
  • The script of the exercises.