Internal communication

Communicate comes from the Latin comunicare, which means to share. We are convinced that Internal Communication must be an element that allows the sharing of ideas and the philosophy of senior management with the organization. Also, to be able to know the state of opinion of the people.

Internal Communication is an indispensable element to create, educate, stimulate and share a philosophy, a vision, a mission, values and a strategy within an organization.

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At GCE we design a proposal for an Internal Communication Plan, setting the target audience for each action, as well as the most appropriate channels at each moment and the timing for development.


We are one of the pioneering companies in Spain in giving the importance and the solutions that the Internal Communication deserves.

We can offer comprehensive and global communication solutions adapted to your needs.

GCE designs and creates the most appropriate tools and channels for the implementation of all the actions and tools defined, offering you, if you wish, “turnkey solutions" with total guarantee and reliability and meeting the desired deadlines.