Since our beginnings, at GCE we have devoted our dedication and efforts to being specialists in what we consider to be four key areas of SUCCESS in any company: strategy, people, internal communication and organization, with strategy being the link with the other three.

A company with a clear and defined strategy that indicates where the efforts and objectives are headed.

  • Shared by all the people involved in the common business project.
  • With defined internal communication channels.
  • And with a precise organization that helps to achieve the objectives set.

Time has reaffirmed our convictions and initial commitment: good work in these four areas guarantees business success.

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Mission and vision

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To help people in organizations to accept and bring about the necessary changes in the company, to anticipate market needs, ensuring business success.


To become and be recognized in the next decade as the best company specialized in Business Change Management, using training in attitudes and skills, the recruitment of people and internal communication as tools for change.

Our team

We are a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in management positions of the highest responsibility, both in national and multinational companies.

We have a solid background, higher degrees and MBAs, in the most prestigious business schools.

We are permanently up to date, teaching in business training centres.

Two senior consultants are involved in each project to ensure quick responses to any eventuality.



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The four key areas:

  • Strategy.
  • People.
  • Internal communication.
  • The organization.