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A successful recruitment policy is vital for having the best people on a winning team.

At GCE we help, by means of the different ways of searching for people, to find those professionals who will carry out their work in the best possible way, adapting themselves beforehand to the culture of the new company they join.

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1. Field work. Collect information and define the profile/position: Responsibilities, Tangible/intangible elements, Objectives, Team work, Organization culture…

2. Search, at the same time, and through the following three different routes to cover the requested position of that person who by experience, training, contrasting skills in human team management can fit in the new position:

» Databases: first recruitment of profiles.

» Publication of an advertisement: in business schools, press, etc.

» Searching process in the labour market.

3. Personalised interview with the possible candidate.

4. Profile test and evaluation of language level if necessary.

5. Presentation of 3 candidates.

6. Choice of the right person.

7. Follow-up during the first 6 months (through personal interviews and phone calls).

8. Feedback to the company.




We agreed on a fixed amount per mission. This ensures that we are looking for the right person for the company, not for our benefit.

If the selected person does not pass the trial period, or in the event that they leave the position within a period not exceeding six months, we undertake to initiate another search process at no cost to our client.