Lluís Matamala Consultant of Gestión del Cambio Empresarial

There are a number of “illnesses” found in all organizations, for example, that from the time of entry until people go to work it takes about 10′ to reach full capacity.

The same happens on the way out, where many people, 10′ before the end of their working day, are already disconnecting from their work.

A similar phenomenon occurs when returning from holidays, especially in the summer period as these are generally the ones with the most days of absence from the professional sphere.

A priori, when they return from their holidays, your employees should arrive fresh and renewed at their positions to face the second part of the year with the maximum enthusiasm possible, but the reality is that by changing their habits during the holidays, people can suffer post-holiday stress, and therefore they are in many cases tired and apathetic.

Surely, during the first part of the year you have been structuring and motivating your team to achieve the objectives and new challenges posed, because keep the spirit, do not decline, think that you have many things to achieve in the rest of the year, and for this you need your teams to reconnect in the best way and as soon as possible.

Here are a few tips to help you get your team back on track for the holidays.

Your attitude as a leader. Enthusiasm and positivism are contagious, therefore, it raises your energy levels, usually they want to copy your behaviour.

Give them time and space. The first few days are critical for their adaptation. Allow them some time to catch up on the situations and developments that have occurred in your absence.

Celebrate the reunion. You can organize informal meetings to share positive emotions during the holidays. It also helps to reconnect with the business ecosystem, which is good for reinforcing and remembering the feeling of relevance. Don’t forget something as simple as “I’m glad to have you back”.

Joint work meeting. With an assertive and relaxed style, lead a meeting, in which you can discuss the following topics:

  • Recognize and therefore remember those key areas we were successfully developing.
  • Status of ongoing projects
  • It focuses on where to dedicate efforts for the rest of the year, tracing the path and painting the benefits, from where we can get there.
  • Presents something new, sets a very short-term goal, whenever possible, to help make a perfect landing.

Leading is not an exact science but surely there are differences between taking actions that are a priori appropriate and not taking them. We can choose to reconnect the team through the usual operation, the client’s demand with the over-stress it may entail, or be proactive, making it easier for the team members to direct their head and heart to the tasks and behaviours we have designed to reach the planned objectives.


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