Silvia Nadal Partner and Consultant of Gestión del Cambio Empresarial

How many times do we hear “I’ve negotiated” and deep down, only haggling…

Most times this happens because negotiators lack of imagination.

One of the most difficult strategies to use in negotiation is the collaboration because it demands a good dose of creativity.

Even when there is no common area of possible agreement between the maximum price the buyer can pay and the minimum the seller would accept, it is possible to reach an agreement.

We must be able, on the basis of creativity, to discover the interests of our interlocutor and build imaginative proposals, which can meet these discovered interests without having to exceed our price limits.

Not everything is the price in a negotiation, there are other concepts that give value to a proposal without necessarily being money, reverting in the background in a greater value for the agreement.

Most negotiations require some creativity but few organizations maximize the use of creativity in negotiations.

How can the negotiator access these untapped opportunities to reach an agreement?

As always, one must train, train and train…

Do your negotiators regularly participate in brainstorming sessions?

No matter what type of organization or sector you belong to, you can organize participatory meetings where ideas are proposed about possibilities to add value in the negotiation.

Do we regularly ask our clients/suppliers/collaborators about their interests?

Understanding what our counterparts want to achieve through negotiations with our organization and with us specifically will help us build a complete value proposition.

Many organizations remove creativity from the environment without realizing it, the greatest stimulus an organization can offer to creativity is to reward employees who break the pattern, thus improving the organization with innovative methods and practices.

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